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As business insurance specialists we provide a range of products designed to meet your needs for advertising consultants insurance including office, liability and professional indemnity insurance with instant on-line quotes and cover.

What insurance does an advertising consultant need?

This of course depends on how your business operates but some core covers are required for most businesses. Protecting yourself against claims from third parties is very important and for advertising consultants this can mean both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. If you are based from offices then your public liability and any employers liability insurance can be catered for under an office policy.

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Public liability insurance for advertising consultants.

This protects you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damaged sustained by third parties and arising in the course of the business. Stanadrd limits of indemnity, the maximum an insurer will pay in the event of an occurrence tend to be £1M, £2M or £5M, although other limits are available.

Employers Liability

If you employ people in the United Kingdom, it is a legal requirement, with a few exceptions, that you hold employers liability insurance to protect you in respect of your legal liability for injury or illness sustained by an employee in the course of their employment.

Professional indemnity insurance for advertising consultants

The public liability insurance policy excludes claims arising from advice given for a fee and this professional risk is covered by professional indemnity insurance. This provides cover in respect of actions taken against you n respect of your legal liability for loss as a result of professional negligence and should be considered essential for an advertising consultant.

Office Insurance

If you have office premises, or even work from home, a suitable office insurance policy can offer you a wide range of cover to meet your business insurance requirements, professional indemnity is not always available as part of a package but some providers do offer this. The main features of the office package is that it will offer you cover in respect of property damage, loss of income or business interruption following a property damage claim and combined liabilities insurance along with additional features. If you employ people this can be a very cost effective way of arranging your liability insurance even if you feel that you do not particulalry require the additional features of the policy.

Quotations are on-line for most businesses with instant access to cover and policy documents. All quotes are provided with full details of premiums, terms and conditions, policy wordings to help you make the right decision on your advertising consultants insurance.

Apply on-line or call us on 0161 300 2930 today to discuss your requirements with our dedicated liability insurance team.