Blackfriars Group Agency

Agency Services

We provide an insurance wholesale service providing other brokers intermediaries and introducers with access to our leading edge products for both on-line and off-line business.

Our product range includes a wide range of standard market insurance products and our own in house underwriting facilities with a panel of insurers providing us with the ability to provide a highly competitive product in terms of both service and price.

Our relationship with our agents and introducers will very much depend upon the status of the introducer. For intermediaries regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority we offer full agency status with range of retaining control of their clients and full intellectual property rights over the business.

For non-regulated persons, businesses and organisations we offer introducer status providing a specialist “web introducer” facility that allows your web site visitors to obtain a wide range of personal and business insurance services on-line .

Blackfriars specialises in the arrangement of liability and business insurance in the United Kingdom and provides access to unique facilities for the placement of standard and non-standard liability risks through our own in house liability arrangements with insurers.