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asbestos removal contractors insuranceWe provide asbestos removal contractors insurance from our range of leading insurers but what insurance does the contractor need to ensure that their business is protected against claims from third parties and employees.

What insurance does an asbestos removal contractor need?

The main consideration for an asbestos removal contractor in arranging an appropriate business insurance is to make sure that they are protected against legal action that can be very costly and potentially disastrous for the business and the individual. With the costs of compensation and the legal costs associated with any action it is vital that the asbestos removal contractor has adequate insurance in place in respect of action by third parties or employees.

The nature of the business of the asbestos removal contractor that the contractor is exposed to risks to a greater degree than many other contracting trades and making sure you get the insurance right is vital. If your main business is asbestos removal, you must take out insurance with this as the business description, some try and cut corners by taking out insurance as a more general builder hoping that they can rely on the policy to respond – this can be a very costly mistake.

Public liability insurance for asbestos removal contractors

The public liability insurance policy protects the asbestos removal contractor against claims made against them in respect of their legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising in the course of the business. The limit of indemnity under the policy is the maximum amount an insurer will pay in respect of any one claim or incident. Standard limits available to scaffolding contractors are £1M, £2M and £5m with other limits available upon request. In addition to the cost of any awards made against the policyholder, the policy also pays the costs of any legal defence of a claim, whether the claim is genuine or speculative and this is vital protection against potentially expensive legal bills.

 Employers liability for asbestos removal contractors

If you employ people, then employers liability insurance is a legal requirement in the U.K. The policy must have a limit of indemnity of at least £5M and in practice policies are issued with a £10M limit. Employers liability insurance protects the policyholder in respect of claims made against it for it’s legal liability for death, injury or disease sustained by an employee during the course of their employment.

How much is insurance for an asbestos removal contractor?

In recent years the cost of a standard public liability insurance for a  asbestos removal contractor has stabilised and even fallen. the actual price you pay will depend upon the type of work you undertake including any additional trades, the number of people working in the business, the limit of indemnity you require and whether of not you have previously had any claims made against you.


asbestos contractors van insuranceCommercial vehicle and van insurance for asbestos removal contractors

If you have any vehicles within the business, they will clearly have to be insured correctly on a policy that provides the correct business use. Again you can apply on-line or call us to discuss your requirements.