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car-park-insuranceWe provide car park insurance for operators and owners in the UK for both permanent structures and for car parks located on former waste and derelict land. For many this is a difficult cover to arrange but as specialists in the arrangement of liability insurance we are delighted to be able to offer both a fast and cost effective service to car park owners and operators.

What insurance do I need for a car park?

This depends upon the type and nature of the operation you are engaged in; if the car park is simply an open area of ground, then public liability and employers liability insurance may be your principal concerns. For more permanent structures including multi-storey car parks a commercial combined policy may be more appropriate to not only cater for you liability insurance requirements but also for any property damage, business interruption, loss of business cash and other covers you may need in respect of the property.

Public Liability Insurance for Car Parks

As the operator or owner of the car park you need to protect yourself against claims for personal injury and property damage from third parties, members of the public, arising from your operation of the business. Even if you are found not to be responsible for the injury or damage, the legal costs in mounting a successful defence can be considerable and the policy will cover you in respect of these.

Standard limits for public liability insurance for car parks are £1m, £2m and £5m although you can elect for an increased limit if you feel this is appropriate to your situation.

Employers Liability Insurance for Car Parks

If you employ people within the business, unless they all have close familiy ties with you and the business is not a limited company, then you are legally required to hold employers liability insurance. This policy protects you in respect of claims made against you by employees for injury and disease arising from their employment. The legally required minimum is £5M although in reality policies in the U.K. are  issued with a minimum limit of £10m with increased limits available upon request.

Car Park Insurance Claims

Much as you might think that there is little chance of claims occurring on your car park, we can assure you that over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of claim made against operators in respect fo their public liability for personal injury. We have seen both successful claims made and also speculative claims fail, but as stated earlier in each case the cost cost of legal defence, which is in the thousands has fallen upon the insurer.

How do I buy car park insurance?

The market for car park insurance, particularly stand-alone liability insurance is not an easy one with few insurers choosing to transact this business, largely due to the uncertain nature of the claimsm involved.

We provide fast access to this class of insurance through our on-line quote service, you can apply on-line or via our offices where you can call one of our brokers who will be happy to discuss your requirements wiht you and provide you with our best terms for your business insurance requirements.