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cleaner-liability-insuranceWe offer cleaner insurance policies for cleaners in the United Kingdom at the low annual premium of £45.10 for a limit of indemnity of £1M. This policy includes;

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

with additional options of business tools cover, employers liability and personal accident insurance available upon request.

Whilst many policies offer the public and product insurance as standard, most exclude loss or damage to property and articles damaged whilst they are actually being cleaned, This cover is included, albeit subject to a higher excess of £500 in respect of every claim and the total payable within any 12 month period is £250,000. This may seem restrictive but it provides some valuable cover where many policies provide none at all.

Buy Cleaners Insurance On-line

Buying the policy could not be easier either, simply apply on-line by following the link and you will receive automatic quotes on-line that you can accept, pay for and download your policy documents and schedule immediately.

If you have any employees, you do require employers liability insurance by law and this is available as an extension to this policy and again is available immediately on-line.

The premium quotes intended primarily for domestic and light commercial cleaning operations, shops and offices, it does not include the exterior cleaning of buildings or for cleaning with the use of cradles or harnesses or cleaning ventilation and air conditioning installations. Such commercial and industrial work will command a larger premium as the risks involved with this type of work are significantly increased. If in any doubt speak to one of our brokers. If the policy is not suited to your needs simply complete the quote form correctly and you will receive alternative quotations tailored to your responses or give us a call and discuss your requirements with one of our brokers.