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definition of buildings under a home insurance policy

The definition of buildings under a home insurance policy may vary from insurer to insurer but most follow a common format; whether the building be insured under a home buildings policy or under a combined home buildings and contents insurance policy.

Definition of buildings

The buildings will be defined as the main buildings including;

  • swimming pools, ornamental ponds and fountains, tennis courts, garden walls, patios, terraces, fences, gates, paths and drives
  • oil and gas tanks, septic tanks and cesspits
  • outbuildings used for domestic purposes and
  • fixtures, fittings and decorative finishes, this would include items such as fitted kitchen units and appliances and bathroom suites but not fitted carpets which would be correctly insured under the contents section of policy.

What level of cover applies to the additional property insured?

It is important to note that whilst the buildings are broadly defined in this way, the full policy cover does not apply to the all the additional property for example any damage to boundary fences would generally be excluded from the policy. You should check the individual details of your policy to confirm the level of cover in respect of additional property particularity if this is of high value.