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There is a general perception that insurance policies do not cover Acts of God. This is interesting as it is flawed wisdom on so many levels.

Let us start with the easiest level, policies in the UK do not exclude Acts of God. If you have a policy that does contain an Act Of God exclusion, please refer it to us and we shall be delighted to investigate this for you.

A historical perspective on Acts of God in insurance

At one time the exclusion could be found in insurance policies and indeed it can still be found in some non-insurance contractual conditions. This was an expression used to describe an event or event arising from natural causes and was both fortuitous and unforeseeable. It is a quaint expression but has no legal meaning.

The theological argument is even more challenging to the brain, does the atheist enjoy full cover, the agnostic, some cover perhaps but the devout almost none!

Now consider that polices do offer cover in respect of lightning perils, storm perils, flood perils, earthquake perils and subterranean fire and have done for many years. These are clearly events that would be considered as an Act of God in most people’s consideration, so in truth even those who perceive that Acts of God are not covered already know better!

On a cautionary note, do not assume that your insurance covers you for any type of biblical plague or pestilence, all insurance policies have exclusions such as “vermin, insects, fungus” but such exclusions are clearly identified in your policy and not excluded by some arbitrary and meaningless exclusion.

As always if you are in any doubt as to your policy cover consult your policy document or your insurance broker and if we may be of assistance you can of course contact us directly.