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For many businesses working at height is a fundamental part of the daily activities and with that comes increased risks associated with the difficulties and increased need for a safe system of work but is there a height limit on public liability insurance policies?

The short answer to this is that if you are engaged in an occupation or trade that is associated with working outside at height your policy will probably be subject to a height restriction unless you have taken the correct steps  to remove this or make sure that the height limit is appropriate to your business.

What do insurers consider working at height?

The individual insurers may have different views and definitions of height work but often it is defined by a number of storeys or in metres. If you engaged in a business where height work is commonplace you should be asked a question about the height you work when applying for a quote.

When considering work at height insurers are in general terms considering the increased hazards associated with the working at height in an exposed environment, it is not the general intention of insurers to consider someone who is working on the 14th floor of an office block cleaning the carpets as working at height.

This raises an interesting point as the actual wording that insurers use to limit working at height under public liability insurance policies.

What does the public liability insurance policy height limit say?

The wording differs from insurer to insurer from a quite specific form such as;

The Underwriters shall not be liable in respect of work undertaken by any employee at a height greater than 15 metres above

(a) ground level;

or in the case of work inside a building or structure
(b) floor level.

to a more general form;

The insurance by this section excludes and does not cover legal liability arising in connection with any work carried out at a height in excess of fifteen (15) metres.

How can I buy public liability insurance for working at height?

Whilst this is an important aspect of you cover and there are exclusions and limitations on policies it is also fairly easy to obtain a public liability insurance policy either with a height limit appropriate to your business or with no limit at all.

You can apply on-line or you can call us direct to discuss your requirements with a broker.

How much is liability insurance for working at height?

Working at height is just one factor that affects the premium you pay for liability insurance. The actual cost of the insurance will also depend on the type of work you are engaged in and how much of the work you undertake along with the levels of cover that you require for public liability insurance and any employers liability insurance requirements you may have for employees working at height.