off-licence-business-insuranceAre you looking for the best deal on your off licence business insurance, a comprehensive insurance policy that protects your business against the risks it faces whilst also being highly competitively priced. Blackfriars has the solution for you, as specialists in the arrangement of business insurance for retailers we provide instant access to off licence insurance from a panel of leading insurers so that you can compare prices and cover.

Better still, Blackfriars not only offers a great on-line quote service for off licences, but unlike other providers we have a team of brokers on hand to assist you and answer any questions you may have and work with you to make sure you obtain our best terms for your business insurance needs.

What is Off Licence Business Insurance?

Essentially, an off licence insurance policy is much the same as any other retail insurance package. A combination of covers brought together under one policy to provide you with a core level of protection in respect of property damage claims, business interruption, business cash, combined liabilities and goods in transit.

In addition to the standard covers under the policy you will also have the opportunity to insure for loss of liquor licence. This insurance protects you against financial losses incurred by the business as a result of the local authority revoking or refusingĀ  to renew your licenceĀ  but with certain limitations. if you are interested in this cover, you should make sure that you full understand what is insured and what isn’t before you make a decision to purchase. It by no means covers the loss of licence in all circumstances.

The off licence package provides a broad level of cover as standard and this will be suitable for many businesses, but if you do require additional features then our team of brokers can work with you to review your requirements and help you tailor the cover your require.

How much does Off Licence Business Insurance cost?

As with all retailers policies, the premiums for off licence insurance are very competitive but vary from business to business. They key factors in determining the premium you will pay are the location of your business, the stock levels you hold at the premises and whether you have had previous claims at the premises. To obtain an accurate costing for your business insurance you can apply on-line for instant quotes, the process takes less than 5 minutes and you receive a full breakdown of the cover from each insurer.

Risk Management and Security

Insurers involved in the off licence market tend to have fairly stringent requirements with regard to security measure that need to be taken in the premises. The particular concerns are of theft, hold-up and robbery. Under ther terms of your policy you will be asked to comply with any security requirements the insurer has specified and failure to do so can affect your insurance cover. On a more positive note, insurers have a great deal of experience in the management of risk and you should be taking all reasonable steps to protect your business and working with your insurer to minimize risk is a very good management tool you have at your disposal.

How do I obtain an Off Licence Insurance quote?

There are two ways to approach this, firstly apply on-line for instant quotes or you can call us directly to discuss your needs with a broker. You should be aware that our team review all on-line quotes in any event in order to ensure that we are offering you our best terms for your needs.