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scrap-van-insuranceWe offer great deals on scrap van insurance for scrap and waste merchants across the United Kingdom. We appreciate the need for you to have a reliable and cost effective insurance solution for your scrap van and to ensure that if you are unlucky enough to have a claim then your insurance will respond quickly to help you and to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Where can I buy scrap van insurance?

 You cam apply on-line for access to great deals on scrap van insurance or call us direct to discuss your requirements with a member or our commercial motor insurance team.

What is scrap van insurance?

The insurance for scrap vans has come under increasing scrutiny from the police in recent years. This is partly due to contractors taking short cuts with their insurance in order to obtain cover at a lower premium. This being brought about by the relatively expensive nature of commercial vehicle cover for  scrap dealers. We have seen many cases of vehicles being stopped both “correctly” and “incorrectly” by officers and several cases of inconvenience being caused to the contractor as they were not in a position to correctly evidence and explain their insurance arrangements.

What is the correct vehicle use for scrap van insurance policies?

This has been a contentious issue over recent years and it is important that you understand this issue if you are to make sure that your insurance remains correct and that you are fully insured correctly.

The issue revolves around the declared business use under the policy.

This can be carriage of goods for hire or reward or carriage of own goods only.

What is Carriage of Own Goods on a Scrap Van Policy

This tends to be a less expensive insurance for commercial vehicle and this, as the name suggests applies to vehicles that are used for the transport of the legal property of the policyholder for which he holds the legal title. in the case of a scrap and waste merchant, this applies to scrap that has been purchased or “given” to the contractor, perhaps in payment or part payment for collection and disposal. You must own the property you are carrying.

What is Carriage of Goods for Hire or Reward on a Scrap Van Policy

This applies when you are carrying goods for which you do not have title and are being paid by another party simply to transport them.

Claims Service

Our facilities for scrap van insurance include access to our 24 hour claims service providing you with instant access to claims specialists. They will help you in the efficient and effective processing of you claim to make sure that you are back in business as quickly as possible and that any interruption to your business is kept to a minimum.