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pizza-takeaway-insuranceThe type of pizza delivery insurance that you will require depends very much upon whether you are making and delivering pizzas or simply acting as delivery service on a self employed basis or as an employee of a pizza takeaway business.

Takeaway Pizza Business Insurance

If you are operating a pizza takeaway service from retail premises then you will need to attend to a number of areas with your business insurance arrangements. The easiest way to cater for these needs is with a shop insurance package tailored to meet you requirements as a pizza takeaway business.

The policy provides you with a range of covers including property damage, fire, theft, malicious damage etc. in respect of the material assets of the business. Business interruption cover to protect you from financial losses due to an interruption in the business following a property damage claim. It also includes your employers liability insurance in respect of your legal liability in respect of claims from employees and importantly, public and product liability providing protection in respect of your legal liability to third parties for personal injury and property damage. This third party liability insurance will include cover for claims arising out of the operation of a delivery service.

car-insuranceAny vehicles owned by the business must be insured on the correct basis. A standard car insurance or motorcycle insurance will not include cover in respect of pizza or fast food delivery. You must ensure that any vehicles owned by the business are arranged with the correct business use on the policy.

Pizza Delivery Agents Insurance

If you are engaged as an employee of a takeaway pizza business or are a self employed person working as a pizza delivery agent, you must ensure that your private car or motorcycle insurance is arranged on the correct basis. You must ensure that your insurance company is aware of your occupation and that the vehicle is used for the business of your employer or of your own business.

Incorrect class or use on your motor insurance can invalidate your policy. In the event of a claim insurers can decline claims in respect of your own damage, and whilst they have a legal obligation to respond to third party injury claims they can seek to recover any claims paid out as a result of this legal obligation from you!

If you are an employee of a takeaway business, then the public liability risks associated with your activities as an employee will be covered under their insurance. If you are self employed then you should make your own separate arrangements for third party cover with a public liability policy that meets the requirements of a pizza delivery service. This is an easy matter to arrange and it is not an expensive insurance.

Note that the two areas of third party liability here are quite separate, there are the third party risks associated with your use of the motor vehicle, these are covered by your motor insurance and then there is the physical delivery aspect, knocking on doors, visiting client’s property and this is the subject of the public liability insurance.

Using your scooter for pizza delivery

The previous comments regarding motor insurance apply to you if you are using your scooter for a pizza delivery service.  it is essential that you inform your motor insurers and be aware that the premium you pay will increase for the additional cover. You should thoroughly research the costs before you start working and make sure that your insurance is legal.