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aerial erectors insurance

We provide great deals on aerial erectors insurance offering a range of competitive products to meet your business insurance requirements. As a trade, it is vital that anyone involved in work at height is correctly insured to ensure that they are protected from the risks that are faced on daily basis.

What insurance do I need as an aerial erector?

The levels and types of cover you require are dependent upon how your business is set up and how you operate but the core core is going to be third party liability insurance.

Public liability insurance for aerial erectors.

In addition to the risks that other contractors face, working at height on a daily basis does present some additional risk features e.g the risk of dropping tools or stock and public liability insurance protects you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage to third parties. The limit of indemnity under the policy represents the insurer’s maximum liability in respect of any one claim and common limits are £1M, £2M and £5M, with higher limits available upon request.

The limit you choose is up to you, but in many cases you may be required to carry a higher limit that you might normally choose as a result of contractual or local authority requirements.

Employers liability for aerial erectors

Clearly if you have employees in the business, you will need to be insured in respect of you legal liability for any injury of illness they sustain as a result of their employment but in any event if you employ people in the U.K. you are legally required to hold employers liability insurance, there are a few exceptions to this requirement and you can read more about this on our main employers liability insurance page, but for most people a policy with a minimum limit if indemnity of £5M is required. In practice insurer’s provide a minimum limit of £10M.

Tradesman insurance policies for aerial erectors

The tradesman insurance policy caters for both these core covers for aerial erectors and can also include cover in respect of your business tools, personal accident and stock if you require this insurance. The only required section under the policy is public liability insurance and you will almost certainly find that this is the most competitive way to arrange your policy.

How do I buy aerial erectors insurance?

We provide instant on-line quotes for the tradesman liability insurance product and obtaining a quote is very fast, taking less than 5 minutes. If you would prefer, you can call us direct to discuss your requirements with a liability insurance broker who will delighted to assist you. All quotes are provided with fully supporting documents to assist you in making the right decision for your business insurance.