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Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

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Businesses of all sizes, from the sole trader through smaller limited companies and partnerships to large multi nationals continually face the risks associated with legal actions being brought against them and the prohibitive costs  of defending against such actions and indeed the costs of enforcing their own rights against others.

Businesses also face the costs of compliance with a wide range of legislation across many areas of the business such as employment, tax and contract law. Advice in these areas can also be costly and prohibitive on an ad-hoc basis.

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance can provide businesses with a range of covers and benefits that help meet their needs in these areas, providing the policyholder with access to legal advice, tax advice, counseling services. assistance with legal document drafting and employment manuals and support.

These  services can also be backed by insurance to meet the legal costs of 

  • Employment disputes
  • Property protection
  • Personal injury
  • Legal defence
  • Tax protection
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Statutory licence appeals
  • Crisis containment
  • Let property 

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