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Business Combined Insurance

We provide instant access to business combined insurance from a panel of leading insurers in the UK offering very competitive terms on comprehensive business insurance for a wide range of businesses.
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What is business combined insurance?

The business combined insurance policy offers clients a comprehensive business insurance policy providing a wide range of cover under one contract. It is suitable for a wide range of business and apart from the convenience of using a single policy for your business insurance needs, it also offers great savings on premium when compared to other contracts providing similar cover.

Who should buy business combined insurance?

The policy is suitable for a wide range of businesses trades and occupations and is generally suited to clients that require a broader range of insurance. Where there are property based risks, i.e. premises and where liability insurance is required.

In terms of the types of business that use business combined policies this would range from manufacturers to wholesalers, larger retailers, leisure industry risks and a wide range of miscellaneous business.

In recent years the product have become even more accessible to new start businesses and SMEs with annual premiums staring at less than £300 per annum but ranging up to many thousands for much larger companies and organisations.

What does a business combined policy cover?

The cover is wide ranging and easily tailored to your own individual requirements but generally the policy will contain cover in respect of;

Property and Material Damage

Providing cover in respect of loss or damage to material property in the business for example stock, machinery and plant, buildings, glass, goods in transit.

Business Interruption

Protects the business against loss of revenue arising from an interruption or disruption to the business following a property damage claim.

Liability Insurance

Public and product liability insurance protecting the business in respect of the legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising as a result of the business activities or from any product sold or supplied.

Employers liability protects the business in respect legal liability for death, personal injury or illness sustained by an employee during the course of their employment.

How much does business combined insurance cost?

Like all insurance the price you pay depends upon a variety or information provided to the insurer who can make assessment of the risk based on your details and the experience in that market sector. This whole process has improved greatly recently and we are now able to offer instant quotes on-line for a wide variety of businesses which makes pricing up your insurance programme much easier.

How do I buy business combined insurance?

Traditionally arranging a combined insurance policy was a time consuming exercise for both client and broker, we are able to offer you alternatives that make the whole process a lot more efficient.

As specialist business insurance brokers we are ideally placed to help you with your business insurance requirements. Our on-line quote service is a great place to start as it offers the opportunity, in a simple way, to tailor your insurance to your own requirements.

Alternatively, and this is one advantage of dealing with a specialist broker who has the system to deliver an on-line service, you can also call us to discuss your requirements with a broker who will be able to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a range of alternatives. if you require a personal visit, this is also part of the service we offer should you require it.