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Business Insurance

We provide a comprehensive range of business insurance services and products to a wide range of businesses of all sizes.
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We know that managing the risks in your business and ensuring that your business insurance is both suitable and provides you with the correct level of protection whilst providing excellent value for money is of vital importance to business owners and operators from sole traders to much larger organisations.

Everyday businesses face risks to their survival from natural sources, from crime and are constantly exposed to the threat of legal action from the public at large or even its own employees.

Whilst insurance cannot protect you against every threat your business faces it can reduce these risks in many areas and a properly arranged business insurance programme can eliminate most of the major threats.

What business insurance do I need?

The type of cover you require for your business will very much depend on the nature of the business you are operating, but you can be sure that whatever line of business you are involved in, that Blackfriars has products that are designed to meet your requirements and are delivered in a very cost effective way.

Use of search facility on the right hand side of this page to find the products you need. Either search for a specific product or just type in your business or occupation for a list of suggestions.

Business Insurance Brokers

As independent insurance brokers, we provide quotes for various business insurance products from a range of insurance companies providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice in your commercial insurance requirements.

Unlike many providers on-line, ours is not simply a price comparison service delivering the lowest cost products, yes we do that but our service is backed up by a team of full time professional insurance brokers that are on hand to advise and assist you in all aspects of your business insurance requirements.