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Unoccupied Home Insurance

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We provide unoccupied house insurance for UK property owners and house owners for a wide range of unoccupied and vacant residential properties.

Who needs unoccupied house insurance?

The need for unoccupied hose insurance may arise for a number of different reasons;

  • Houses awaiting sale
  • Houses awaiting the resolution of probate
  • Houses unoccupied whilst building or renovation work is undertaken
  • Properties temporarily unoccupied whilst the owner is working away.

Does my property being unoccupied on a temporary basis affect my house insurance?

Most standard UK house insurance policies include an occupancy warranty stating that the cover will be prejudiced or even invalid of the property is left unoccupied for a specified period or longer. This period is generally around 30 days and you should check with your insurance company what the actual wording of your own policy says.

What level of cover is available under an unoccupied house insurance?

There are principally two levels of cover available under an unoccupied house insurance and the level of cover available to you is generally a factor of which insurance company your are insured with and the nature and condition of the property whilst it is unoccupied.

For most properties in a good condition that are not in the course of renovation the “standard” cover that is available under a house insurance policy is generally available albeit from a limited range of insurance companies.

For properties that do not meet the criteria for the wider cover then insurance companies may provide FLEA cover.

What is FLEA cover on an unoccupied home insurance policy?

When insurers are not preapred to offer a standard house insurance level of policy cover for unoccupied premises they may offer what is known as FLEA cover. This is a restricted form of cover and an acronym for Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft cover, this may also include Earthquake cover but the acronym FLEEA is not always employed to represent this. If you are offered FLEA cover you should check exactly what is covered.

How much does unoccupied house insurance cost?

For the majority of properties, those in a reasonable condition, the cost of unoccupied house insurance is not much different from a standard house insurance policy.

How do I buy unoccupied house insurance?

You can apply on-line or call us direct to discuss your requirements with one of our brokers who will be happy to provide you with our best terms and your options for unoccupied house insurance.