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Office Insurance

Fast and cost effective comprehensive office packages insurance from our panel of leading insurance companies.

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What does office insurance cover?

The office insurance package policy is a comprehensive business insurance policy that is designed to provide the policyholder with a wide and competitive insurance policy to meet the needs of most businesses and organisations working in an office or clerical based environment.

Whilst the cover and limits may differ from provider to provider the fundamental covers offered by the office policy are similar across the range of products from insurers and include;

Property and Material Damage Insurance

Cover in respect of your office contents and business equipment kept in the office protecting you against a range of perils including theft, fire, accidental damage etc.

Business Interruption

Cover to protect you against the financial consequences of a property damage claim if your business is disrupted and turnover reduces or to provide for the additional cost of working to establish the business elsewhere in the short or long term with a view to minimising any financial loss to the business arising from closure or the inability to work.

Business Money

Covering any cash or negotiables within the business.

Public Liability

Protection for you against claims made against you by third parties in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising during the course of the business. The policy protects you in respect of the public liability risks associated with the office and with any clerical or managerial functions away from the office.

This type of policy will not provide cover in respect of any manual work away operations that may be undertaken in connection with the business.

Employers Liability

Protection for you against legal actions taken against you by employees in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising during their employment. Office insurance policies will provide cover in respect of clerical occupations and the limit of indemnity under the policy is £10M.

Business All Risks Insurance

Cover for your property whilst away from the office premises and in transit.

What is not covered by an office insurance policy?

Whilst no list of covers that may be required by a business can be exhaustive on a general nature, it Is worth pointing out two particular areas for office based risks that may need special attention.

If you or any employee engages in manual works away from the office then you will need to consider a separate public liability and empliyers liability policy to cover you in respect of these risks. You can apply for a separate liability insurance policy to protect you in respect of manual work-away risks here.

The standard office policy does not contain the facility to include professional indemnity insurance as standard and whilst a limited number of products from certain providers will include a professional indemnity section under an office based policy, most do not. Professional indemnity insurance protects you against claims made against you by third parties in respect of your legal liability for loss arising from an alleged breach of professional duty and you can find more information here.

If you wish to discuss other aspects of your business insurance and how they are best catered for if not included in the office package you can call us directly to discuss your requirements with a broker.

How much does office insurance cost?

The office package insurance is a highly competitive product in pricing and the price you pay will depend upon a few key risk factors;

  • The location of your office
  • The sums insured in respect of your office contents
  • Your trading and claims history.

To find our how much your own office insurance will cost you can apply on-line and our very simple office insurance quote service will guide you through the process is less than three minutes. Alternatively you can call us direct and our broker team will be more than happy to provide you with your own tailored office insurance quote.

Full details of the cover under the policy will be provided to you upon quotation or if you prefer prior to quotation be contacting our offices on 0161 300 2930.