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Travel and Holiday Insurance

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We provide instant on-line access to great deals on travel insurance providing you with a range of options and great savings on;

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Backpackers Insurance

from specialist travel and holiday insurance underwriters with a track record in the delivery of an excellent claims service and low premiums.

What is travel insurance?

The travel insurance policy is designed to protect the policyholder against the unforeseen costs and losses that occur when travelling or indeed before your travel to make sure that your financial loss and inconvenience is kept to the minimum.

Who needs travel insurance?

Anyone engaged in travel whether weekends away in the United Kingdom, holidays abroad or business travellers should consider travel insurance.

Whether you are a frequent travellers or just an occasional traveller there is a policy to suit your requirements.

What is holiday insurance?

Holiday insurance is not a distinct class of insurance, it is simply another way of saying “travel insurance”

What is covered under a travel insurance policy?

  • Medical Expenses cover in respect of medical treatment and transportation costs is returning you home
  • Cancellation of your holiday as a result of illness bereavement redundancy or damage to your home
  • Baggage and Personal Possessions accidental loss or damage to you personal possessions or loss of money whilst travelling
  • 24 Hour Assistance Helpline service with travel and emergency advice and help from travel specialists.

Apply on-line or call us direct to discuss your personal and business travel insurance needs.