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Car Insurance

Instant access to car insurance with competitive premiums and cover from leading car insurance providers in the United Kingdom.

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All car insurance policies from Blackfriars come complete with complimentary motorists legal expenses, uninsured loss protection and a full dedicated claims management service that specialises in minimising the inconvenience to you and to assist you in obtaining a speedy settlement to any claims that may occur under your policy or as a result of any accident that you may be involved in.

How much is uninsured loss protection and motorists legal expenses insurance on car insurance policy?

It is free. We provide both uninsured loss recovery services and motorists legal expenses insurance to all Blackfriars motor insurance clients free of charge as part of our complete after sales and claims service.

What do I do if I have a claim under my car insurance policy?

We provide a 24 hour claims management service free of charge to all our motor insurance clients. This is the first response centre when you have a claim and this will help make sure that you are back on the road, quickly, with as little inconvenience as possible.

The on-line quote service for car insurance will provide you with instant access to costs from a range of leading insurers and our motor insurance team review all quotes to ensure that we offering you our very best terms for your motor insurance and we will often call you after you have applied to offer you an even better deal from our range of providers.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements, ask questions about the various policies and providers we use or simply obtain our best quote from a “real person”, please contact us directly at the number shown above.