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Van Insurance

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Getting the best deal on your van insurance means not only making sure that you obtain the best possible price for your cover but also that the insurance will meet you requirements and respond when you need help to keep your business on the move.

We know the importance of making sure that your commercial vehicle or van is properly covered, that your will receive help when you have to make a claim and that the support is there to make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible.

We provide instant access to a range of commercial motor and van insurance quotes from our panel of leading insurers, all with a reputation for providing an excellent claims service. All our commercial motor insurance polices come with a 24 hour claims line and motorist’s legal expenses insurance, so that if you do have a claim, you can rely on great service.

Key aspects of your van insurance

For most people cost is the overriding factor in their decision on van insurance and we provide our quotes in detail with the lowest premium first.

In addition to the cost you also need to consider other aspects of each quote. It is very easy these days to look at a series of computer generated quotes and assume that the cover is the same under each policy and are equally suitable for your requirements.

What is the policy excess on a van insurance policy?

The excess will vary from quote to quote and you need to be aware of the different excesses that apply to each policy. The key areas to look for are;

  • Fire and theft excess
  • Accidental Damage Excess
  • Windscreen Excess
  • Audio Equipment and Satellite Navigation Excess

these can vary greatly from one insurer to another and there is often a trade off in premium that you will need to consider.

Does van insurance include windscreen cover as standard?

This is provided by most comprehensive policies and is an option of some third party and theft contracts or is available as a separate insurance policy if you require it. Check the details of this cover carefully, many policies will have no excess if the windscreen is repaired or replaced by an approved repairer and a significant one if they are not!

Why is it important to make sure that the business description under your van insurance policy is correct?

It is very important that your business description and occupation are correct on your insurance.

Whilst insurers work from an extensive list, it is not exhaustive and you should make sure that the trade correctly reflects your activities. Failure to notify the insurance company of your correct business description could lead to your policy be invalidated.

Why is it so important to have the correct class of use under your van insurance policy?

There are several types of vehicle use under a van insurance policy and once again this should be correct and adequately reflect the sue of your vehicle. For most businesses, the most common choices are carriage of own goods or carriage of goods for hire or reward. Other specialist classes exist, for instance motor trade and these will often require a different, specialist policy.

If you have the incorrect class of use attached to your van insurance policy your cover may be void in the event of a claim.

Why must you inform your insurance company if your van has any modifications made to the original specification?

Standard van insurance quotes are based upon the manufacturers specification of the original base vehicle, if the vehicle has been adapted or modified for specialist use you must make sure that your insurer is aware of this and that the policy is suitable for your requirements.