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What is shop insurance?

There are many risks facing the modern shopkeeper and retailer and to arrange an insurance in respect of all the covers separately would be very expensive and time consuming.

Shop package insurance is designed to provide a range of covers in one insurance policy that is designed to provide the retailer with the broad level of cover that is required to address most insurable risks that are are faced on a daily basis a deliver them in one inexpensive policy.

Shop package insurance is available from a range of leading insurers, with some insurers specialising in areas that are not catered for by others. As specialists in the arrangement of shop insurance, we have many years experience in providing the best deals for shop insurance from our own panel of insurers and providers and are ideally placed to fulfil your requirements for a comprehensive shop insurance policy at a very competitive price.

How to obtain shop insurance quotes?

Our simple on-line system provides instant quotes from a panel of leading insurance companies and our specialist staff are on hand to review your quotation requirements and help deliver our best terms to you.

Who needs shop insurance?

Although shop insurance is not a legal requirement automatically it is so important that it should be considered essential to all retailers. Whilst some argue that their business is not likely to be broken into or suffer a fire it is important to remember that by trading you expose yourself to a whole host of legal liabilities arising our of your doing business. Indeed if you have any employees in the business, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement, certainly for most employers and there is no question that the shop insurance package is the most economical way of providing for this and your public liability insurance..

How much does shop insurance cost?

The cover under a shop package is surprisingly inexpensive when you consider the protection that you receive from the policy. Policies start from around £200 per year but in truth the only way to accurately assess the cost is by obtaining an automatic quote that is tailored to your business.

As with all insurance, insurers base the premiums upon the risks proposed to them and key factors affecting the premium you will pay are; what sort of shop you operate, where it is and the sums insured at risk in the premises, this along with details of any previous claims will form the basis for the premium calculation.

How do I know what shop insurance cover I need?

Whilst a shop faces many potential risks, making sure you have the right cover in place is made somewhat easier by the package insurance policy. These products are carefully put together by insurers to provide a broad and comprehensive insurance protection that offers cover in respect of the most commonly occurring risks and indeed some that are not so common!

Whilst many of these products are “standard” that does not mean that if you have a particular requirement that it cannot be accommodated and this is where dealing with a professional insurance broker can help you over simply using the price comparison web sites.

Shop Insurance Broker

As a long established shop insurance broker we have access through our on-line quote service to some of the best deals available for retail shop insurance, but our service does not stop there. Our team of brokers are on hand to assist you with your queries regarding cover and are always happy to work with you to obtain our best possible quote for your retailers insurance.

How to compare shop insurance quotes

We provide instant quotes for many different trades under our shop insurance policy and you can obtain quotes from a number of insurers. You should always be aware that whilst price is important, it is not the only consideration and you should compare shop insurance quote details in terms of cover and any insurer requirements. Our guide to comparing shop insurance quotes may help you with this process.

You can always call us directly on 0161 300 2930 to discuss your needs with a broker who will be delighted to help you.