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Chancel Repair Non-Successor Residential Legal IndemnityWhere the property is located within a potentially liable parish for Chancel Repair payments and where

  • The Land is an existing residential dwelling with ancillary land not exceeding three acres in size.
  • There is no liability for chancel repairs on the registered title as at Policy Date or on any unregistered title and in relation to the latter you will have a clear index map search as at Policy Date.
  • Prior to Policy Date no payments or demands for chancel repairs have been paid or received by the owners of the Land.
  • No full chancel repair search has been made against the Land requiring the same to be disclosed to H.M. Land Registry upon application for registration as an overriding interest.
  • There has been no approach to the church or parochial authorities regarding the liability.
  • The Land is located in England or Wales.

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Residential Property Legal Indemnity

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