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Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

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Looking for a great deal on your fish and chip shop insurance with comprehensive insurance coverage and quotes to compare fish and chip shop insurance packages from our range of leading insurance providers.

As a specialist broker we provide you, not only with instant online quotes, but our team of insurance brokers who are able to help you to obtain our best deal for your business insurance requirements.

What cover does the fish and chip shop insurance insurance policy cover?

The package insurance product is designed to provide you with the usual insurance requirements for a fish and chip shop, offering a broad level of cover that will meet most of the insurable events that could occur in the operation of your business including;

Whilst the standard level of cover under these policies is broad, we can work with you to tailor the cover to meet any specific requirements you may have that are not catered for in the standard wording.

How much does fish and chip shop insurance cost?

As with all insurance the pricing is based upon a number of risk factors, where you are based, the number and amount of any claims you have had and the sums insured you require under the policy. The shop insurance package does provide extremely good value for money and instant quotes are available on-line or from our specialist broker team.

Special features for fish and chip shop owners.

Whilst a fish and chip shop is a retail business and the insurance is very similar to other shop package policies, there are a couple of specific issues you should be aware of that are peculiar to the business, these are not issues with fish and chip shop cover from Blackfriars, but are found in all policies designed for the trade.

Insurance for Fish Frying Ranges

Many potential clients often undervalue the replacement cost of the fish range and it is absolutely essential that you insure for the replacement cost of the range as new. The fish range is unusual in shop insurance as it is a significant capital item and many people, whom have perhaps taken over an established business, undervalue the replacement cost. This can lead to serious under insurance issues in the event of a claim, which could result in you receiving a fraction of the total value of your equipment.

What is the fish frying warranty on a fish and chip shop insurance policy?

Clearly, fire or the potential for fire is a matter of considerable concern to insurers and policies will generally contain a policy warranty that dictates the cleaning and maintenance procedure for free standing ranges including the venting system. You must be aware of these warranties and you must comply or you may face your policy being invalid in the event of a claim. If the warranties on the policy are not suitable or you are not able to comply you must raise this issue with your broker or insurance company immediately.