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can i check if a car is insured

Until recently it was not possible for a person to easily check if a car was insured but with the development of the Motor Insurance Database and the increased responsibilities brought about by Continuous Insurance Enforcement the service is now available instantly on-line.

How can I check if my car is insured?

Unless you have a Statutory Off Road Notification or SORN on any car you own then you have a legal responsibility to insure that vehicle whether you drive it on the roads or otherwise.

You can check on the ASKMID website if your vehicle is insured and receive and immediate reposne from the MID on-line. This service is free of charge providing that you confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle.

What if my vehicle does not show on the MID website?

If you believe that the vehicle is insured but the MID website informs you that the vehicle does not have a current record. You should refer this matter to your insurance provider or broker as soon as possible. It is possible that this is an oversight or clerical error but you must make sure that this is rectified as soon as possible or you could face prosecution.

Can I check whether a vehicle involved in an accident is insured?

If you are involved in a road accident with another car, you should take steps to collect all the relevant information from the other party at the time of the accident, including their name and address, the vehicle registration number and the details of their insurance. This is not always possible, but the one key piece of information to collect is the registration number.

If you  have the registration number of a vehicle that was involved in an accident with you, you can check on the MID website whether this vehicle is currently insured and appears on the database. There is a nominal charge for this service but it may well be worth the cost for the pexce of mind.

car-insuranceWhat should I do if I need to arrange car insurance urgently?

You can apply on-line for car insurance from a wide range of sites. Some sites are price comparison websites, essentially a referral agent for insurers and brokers, these sites will not provide you with any post sales assistance on the product you buy. Alternatively, you can obtain on-line quotes from a professional insurance broker, who will not only provide you with a range of quotes from leading insurers but will also provide you with after-sales service and assistance with any queries you may have.