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Insurance for a Self Employed Heating EngineerLooking for insurance for a self employed heating engineer, it is as important to make sure you have the correct cover as it is to make sure the price is right.

What insurance does a self employed heating engineer need?

The first requirement an probably the most important for a heating engineer working at clients and customers premises is for public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance protects the policyholder in respect of claims made against them for their legal liability for personal injury and property damage suffered by third parties and arising in the course of the business. A key factor is that the policy also pays for any legal defence in respect of claims made against the policyholder, whether they are well founded or otherwise.

the limit of indemnity under the public liability policy is the insurers maximum liability in respect of any one claim and options are available on-line for limits of £1M, £2M and £5M with additional limits available upon request. The limit you select is a matter for you and based on your circumstances, but if you are a registered gas fitter you will require a minimum limit of £2M and any contractual or local authority requirements may compel you take a higher limit.

Check your policy is suitable for your needs.

When reviewing the terms of your public liability insurance, you will need to check that the polciy is suitable for your requirements and that the cover allows you to undertake types of  work that you  need to be covered. An example of this is at lower priced quotations will be available if you do not utilise the application of heat in your business, if you take these quotes you will not be covered for that work.

Public liability policies will generally have an excess payable in respect of third party property damage claims, this is your contribution to any claim and this amount can vary from provider to provider.

Additional insurance for heating engineers

if you employ people you will require employers liability insurance, there are a few exceptions to this requirement and more information is available on our employers liability insurance page, but if you do require the insurance, you will need a policy with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5M although in practice policies are issued with a £10M limit. The insurance protects you in respect of you legal liability for death, injury or disease sustained by an employee during the course of there employment.

Your policy can also be extended to include business tools, personal accident and legal expenses insurance if you so require and the availability of such cover under a single policy makes the contract extremely good value.

van-insuranceVan Insurance for heating engineers

If you use a van or commercial vehicle within your business, you will need a commercial motor insurance policy, arranged correctly with your business description properly notified to the insurer to ensure that the you have the correct business use under the policy.

How much is insurance for a self employed heating engineer?

The price you pay for your policy depends on a few key factors such as the limit of indemnity your require, how many people are involved in your business and whether you have had any previous claims. Obtaining a quote is very easy, just apply on-line and you will be provided with a range of options from a panel of leading insurers, alternatively you can contact us directly and discuss your requirements with a broker.