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spring-fair-insuranceEvery year there are thousands of Spring Fairs held all over the United Kingdom, with many different activities happening during the course of the day so it is importnat that the organisers are aware of the risks they face and hold an appropriate insurance for a spring fair and also be aware of the need to ensure that the exhibitors, stallholders and entertainers at the fair also have an appropriate insurance policy in force.

What insurance does a spring fair organiser require?

As with all aspects of insurance this can vary from one policyholder to another but most certainly the key aspect of insurance that needs to be considered is to protect your self against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability that may arise as a result of organising the event. These legal liabilities can be separated into two categories;

  1. liability to third parties
  2. liability to employees

and different policies apply to each potential risk area.

Does a spring fair require public liability insurance?

The public liability insurance policy protects the spring fair and its organisers against claims made against it in respect of their legal liability for personal injury or property damage suffered by third parties arising as a result of the spring fair. This should be viewed by organisers as an essential requirement. The policy will pay for any awards that are made against you and perhaps even more importantly for many, it will pay the costs of mounting a legal defence to any claim that is made against you irrespective of whether you are legally liable or otherwise.

What limit of indemnity does a Spring Fair need for public liability insurance?

The limit of indemnity under the policy is your choice. Your decision should be based on what level of cover you need when considering the type of event that you are organising and take into consideration any contratual requirements you may have with landowners or local authorities who may may require a certain limit.

Does a Spring Fair need employers liability insurance?

All employers in the United kingdom are required to hold employers liability insurance in order to protect themselves against claims from employees in respect of the policyholder’s legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising in the course of their employment. more
Volunteers are certainly covered by the definition of employees under the act, you can read more information on this here

Should I check the insurance of exhibitors and attractions?

You should check the insurance details of any external party who is participating in the event. You should ensure that they hold adequate public liability insurance by ascertaining the limit of indemnity, the name of the insurance provider and the expiry date of their policy. We provide some useful information on checking insurance details here.

 How can I buy public liability insurance for a Spring Fair?

You can apply on-line below or you can call us direct to discuss your requirements with a specialist broker.

Public Liability Insurance for a Spring Fair

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